Monday, November 5, 2012

No Poo, Take Two

(In beginning to type this post, our cat Romp walked across my laptop. She left me the message "666". Interesting...)

Almost a year ago, I decided to try going "No Poo" after reading about it all over the interwebs. I lasted about two weeks before my oily, grimy face sent me running in search of shampoo.

Recently, I read a post on Our Little Apartment about "No Poo" and was intrigued by the addition of tea tree oil to the routine. So randomly one day last month, I swapped my shampoo for some baking soda and tea tree oil and my conditioner for some diluted apple cider vinegar.

And I was pretty stoked on it for a while. So stoked in fact, that I took silly self-portraits over the course of the first couple of weeks to document the journey.

And now, four weeks later, I've experimented with different ratios of baking soda to tea tree oil to water; used more and less apple cider vinegar; and rinsed my hair for longer and shorter periods of time. No matter what I do, my hair feels both too clean and too dirty at the same time. And overall, it just feels super gross.

I thought we could be friends, No Poo. I really wanted it to work out, but back to the shampoo I go.


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